P1 Training speech

What a great seminar tonight at Performance One Training! The seats where filled now the reviews are coming in!

"I absolutely loved it!"

"It was so awesome! Every speaker really did an awesome job!"

"I loved it and hope I can carry over what I learned to my club team!"

Huge thanks to Chris Glisson, Rico D Swanson, Pat Touhey for helping making this event spectacular! Another huge thank you to Josh Leach for the live broadcast with


Vince Strefling





1. Appreciate Nature:
Closes off all the chatter
We have 65,000 thoughts per day
When you appreciate nature, you get in to the positive flow.

2. Surround yourself with positive energy. There is an exercise that I do everyday. What I do is I close my eyes and I draw a circle of divine white light of positive energy around me. It's very positive, loving, and powerful. Then One at a time I do the same for the people I love. What this does is it sends out a positive love energy and helps you narrow your thoughts.

3. Ground yourself in gratitude. Focus on everything that you are grateful for. What you feed, it grows. What you starve, it dies. Take time to appreciate what you have not what you don't.

4. Visualization. When you see where you are headed in life, and when you see the path you want to take in your mind, that's how you manifest it. That's how it becomes reality.

5. Creative expression. Freely write. Don't judge yourself and get frustrated on misspelling a word or using the wrong grammar. This is your expression. You'll be amazed what you tap into. What happens is you allow something greater than you to come in. When an athlete walks on the field/court/mat knowing they are not by themselves and that there's a power above them, it's amazing how well they perform.

Visual exercise:
Close your eyes. Picture a beautiful gate. Now, walk up to the gate and open it. Behind the gate are beautiful trees and the smell of flowers in the air.
All in alignment. You can feel the strength like never before. A strength beyond your strength.

Now walk through the second gate. As you walk through the gate, you step on to the playing field, court, or mat. You see yourself performing at the highest level and winning.

Your sub-conscience becomes aware of it.

I believe it and then I see it. Your mind doesn't know what's real or isn't.

You walk into the next gate and you are walking right in to your life.
You are picturing your life they way you want to see it. Seeing all of your accomplishments. Living every day with integrity. See yourself living and enjoying each aspect of life.
Growing your skills, Growing your Growing your happiness, growing your love.
The more you see it, the more it becomes who you are.
Now, come back through the 3rd and 2nd gate and take nature in again. Soak it all in. Allow yourself to be lifted by admiring nature and it's beauty. You are now in a powerful state. There's fire in your belly so you can take on the day. Now walk out of the first gate you came in.

I challenge you to Do this exercise for 40 days and you'll be surprised on how your life will shift. Make sure your write down your thoughts and you'll be surprised on what you tap in to.