Chris Glisson becomes sole owner of the Lake Michigan Admirals


St. Joseph, MI. - As of Monday, August 7th, 2017, Chris Glisson will officially be the sole owner of the Lake Michigan Admirals once again. The James family, who had major plans to move the team to Warren, Michigan, had a huge setback when a major investor group decided that they were not going to be able to help this upcoming season. This put the James family in a financial pinch and that's when Glisson and Mr. and Mrs. James had a meeting to decide what the next step was going to be. Glisson made a very important decision to acquire the team back so that the James family would be able to carry on their mission in Warren, Michigan. In the mean time, the Lake Michigan Admirals headquarters will be moving back to St. Joseph, Michigan where they were founded in May of 2009.

It has not been decided if the Admirals will continue to play as an International Tour Team or play in the World Power League for the 2018 season. 

Special Date:

On August 7th of last year, Dr. Marty Lee Glisson passed away, who was Chris Glisson's older brother who brought Chris under his wing back in 2008 when they started a professional basketball team in Knoxville, Tennessee. For more information on this story, go to