Mission Statement:


 The PBL and the Lake Michigan Admirals work

together to provide quality fun and entertainment for

the whole family. The Lake Michigan Admirals

care about the community they service and want

to be known and respected for their engaging and

exciting events through professionalism and community





What does the Lake Michigan Admirals bring to the community?

1. Community outreach (School visits, Charity Fundraisers, Special speaking engagements, Personal training, Mentoring program, and Youth Basketball Camps....)
2. Automatic Economic stimulus to the local economy. (Gas, food, rentals, school venue rentals, etc....)
3. Inspiration through CHURCH ON THE MOVE!
4. Entertainment


These players come here to train their bodies, mind, and soul. While they are here, they learn about life on many different levels. Our mission is to help shape the minds of these young men and prepare them for overseas basketball. We share with them how it is and how it can be with a little help from them and to also enjoy their journey. Sometimes we feel like we're struggling and we take life so serious that we forget to enjoy what God has given us today. Do not wait to celebrate at the end of your journey, celebrate during your journey and give God all the praise along the way. That's what we all call CHURCH ON THE MOVE.


Chris Glisson, Owner/GM
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Owner Membership Group: 

Chris Glisson (Founder)