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Warren, MI. - The Lake Michigan Admirals have called St. Joseph, Michigan their home
since May of 2009, and after two seasons in the American Basketball Association
(ABA) and five in the Premier Basketball League (PBL), the Admirals have set sail
and docked in Warren, Michigan. "I am excited to partner with Mr. Anthony and
Shantinique James because of their passion to help young men grow mentally,
physically, and spiritually before going to the NBA D-League or overseas and their
love for the people of Macomb County," stated part owner Chris Glisson. 
This transition of ownership comes on the birthday of Chris Glisson's brother, Dr.
Marty Glisson who passed away August 7th, 2016. Before the papers were signed
between Glisson and the James family, his daughter Savana reminded them that it
would have been Uncle Marty's birthday. With tears running down their faces, Glisson
stated that the transitioning of majority ownership to the James family is exactly
what Dr. Marty Glisson would have wanted. 
With Mr. and Mrs. James becoming majority owners, they will be running the day to
day operations. 
Mr. Anthony James works for Chrysler full time and will be in charge of the day to
day on the court operations and his wife Shantinique decided after getting her
psychology degree from Rochester College, she would become full time majority owner
of the Lake Michigan Admirals. "We will be announcing our tryouts soon and look
forward to impacting the lives of others each and every day," stated Mrs. James. 
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Chris Glisson has been a life-long resident of southwestern Michigan. He was born in Grand Rapids in 1968 as the youngest child of 5 boys to Reverend Eugene and Wanda Glisson. He graduated from Coloma High School in 1987 where he was an outstanding student-athlete playing 4 years of varsity baseball, football, and basketball.  

During his college years, Chris played 4 years of varsity baseball and football for Olivet College in the MIAA Conference. He graduated in 1992 with his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. In his working career, Chris entered the automotive industry holding positions in sales, finance, management, and as a principal broker. During the housing boom, Chris tried his hand as a mortgage broker and eventually spent time in southern California as a missionary on an Indian reservation. Although his working years have been rich and varied, nothing has brought Chris the fulfillment he has found being an owner of a professional basketball organization.

Chris started out his career in the business of basketball when he became part owner of the Knoxville Thunderbolts with his brother Dr. Marty Glisson in 2008. In the inaugural season of the Thunderbolts, "Doc" Marty got really sick and had to move back to San Diego, CA. for treatment and Chris took over the team for the rest of the year. The Bolts finished the season ranked #8 and Chris was named executive of the year runner up. After the season was over, Chris decided to form an ownership group made up of business owners that were from the Knoxville area so he could go home and start a team in southwest Michigan, where he resides.  In 2009, the Lake Michigan Admirals were formed and the rest is history. In the Admirals' first year, Glisson was named "Executive of The Year," and his team hosted the first professional playoffs in the history of southwest Michigan. During the second year, the Admirals won their division and ended up 5th in the country. Chris has been married for 20 years to his wife, Sara, and they have 2 young daughters. The family resides in St. Joseph, Michigan.



 The History of the Admirals


The Lake Michigan Admirals entered their fourth professional basketball season in Southwest Michigan, moving from the 80-team ABA to the Premier Basketball League in 2012-2013.

The story of the franchise actually begins in Knoxville, TN. Coloma native Chris Glisson along with his brother, “Doc” Marty Glisson and the Huffson Group founded the Knoxville Thunderbolts of the ABA. The franchise proved successful with Chris at the helm until family illness led to him to sell a partial interest in the team.

Chris moved back to Michigan and completed the sale of the Thunderbolts to a group headed by former Harlem Globetrotter, Meadowlark Lemon.

Glisson approached area leaders on the possibility of hosting a professional basketball team and building a domed facility for its future home. The facility could also host other sport teams and double as an event center. The response was positive and he put together an ownership group for the yet, unnamed team.

In 2009, after over 400 votes from area school children, the name Lake Michigan Admirals was born. The team’s logo of an anchor is surrounded by five stars, signifying the rank of a five-star U.S. Navy Fleet Admiral.

The Admirals played to a 13-6 record in their inaugural season which was extended by a trip to China, competing against the Bejing Olympians.

In season two, the Admirals finished 20-6, capturing the ABA North Central Division title, finishing fifth in the country after the league playoffs. A second trip to China against the Olympians followed, this time competing in three cities.

Finally after three seasons in the PBL, the Lake Michigan Admirals won the 2015 and 2016 Midwest Championships, then continued to the PBL Finals where they lost to the Rochester Razorsharks both years.

Glisson points to the Admirals mission statement which says, the PBL and Lake Michigan Admirals will work together to provide quality, fun entertainment for the whole family. The Lake Michigan Admirals care about the community they service and want to be known and respected for their engaging and exciting events through professionalism and community service.


Article from the MailMax on 10.18.2015:

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The Lake Michigan Admirals' owner Chris Glisson has been putting tours together since his inaugural year in 2009. His purpose for going on International tours is to develop strong business relations worldwide so it's easier for players to be signed to overseas teams. Since 2009, Glisson has helped 78 of his players get signed to 58 different countries. "I surely do not take all the credit for signing players to other countries. It's a combination of agents, owners, players, and the Lord's will. I believe if you do things with true intentions, God will always bless you," stated Glisson. 


Over the last seven years, the Admirals have visited China, Africa, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Ireland, England, Spain, and Mexico. 


Locally, Glisson and the Admirals have had 235 school visits, 83 church visits, hosted 50 youth camps, and helped raise over $400,000 dollars for charities all over the world. "It's important for people to know that we are way more than a basketball team.


After I'm dead and gone, I want people to talk about the Admirals for years to come. Not just on the court, but off the court as well," stated owner Chris Glisson.